Why choose deodorized coconut oil like Kokovita coconut oil

The Kokovita coconut oil, which has been deodorized, is the perfect choice for those who think the extra virgin coconut oil is a bit too expensive, or those who do not fancy the coconut flavor of the extra virgin coconut oil. Kokovita coconut oil is a good alternative and still a very responsible choice.

More and more often Coconut oil is considered to be a good alternative for the cooking fat we have become so used to over the years. Fortunately, we more often see coconut oil appearing in the kitchen cupboard. And, why not?

Two kinds of coconut oil, extra virgin and deodorized:

There are two kinds of  coconut oil. The extra virgin coconut oil and the deodorized coconut oil. They differ from each other across many dimensions, depending on the harvest and the he various stages of the process the coconut oil runs through.

You may not always want a light coconut flavor when preparing a dish. However, this flavor is always present in extra virgin coconut oil. In this case, you might find the deodorized coconut oil ideally suitable. The Kokovita coconut oil is completely free of coconut flavor.

When heating the coconut oil, the difference between extra virgin and deodorized coconut oil becomes less significant. The heating process actually also destroys some of the nutrients. Deodorized coconut oil is also somewhat cheaper than extra virgin coconut oil, which does make it more appealing if you use a lot of coconut oil.

Choose what you feel comfortable with at what time. Use coconut oil because you like it yourself and, above all, don't forget the important health aspect of using coconut oil. Coconut oil is always a healthy alternative. Coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids, both extra virgin and deodorized.

Is deodorized coconut oil healthy?

The way coconut oil is deodorized determines to a large extent the healthy nutrients of the oil that remains. At Kokovita, quality is high and we try to preserve as many of the nutrients as possible during the process of deodorization.

This deodorization is done at temperatures no higher than 140 degrees. As a result, important nutrients contained in the coconut oil are not lost. Kokovita Coconut Oil therefore certainly still contains active substances and does contain lauric acid and caprylic acid. Thus, it is incorrect to assume that deodorized coconut oil would not contain health benefits.

Choose Kokovita coconut oil

Why choose Kokovita coconut oil? Because it does still contain good properties. This is NOT bleached and further refined, only deodorized. This so you can enjoy the health benefits of coconut oil but without the coconut taste.

Kokovita, odour-free cocos oil

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325 ml: €8,55

1 liter: €16,50

4,15 liter: €57,95


Kokovita is a brand of Noble House.
Other brands of Noble House are: AmanpranaBambu® Salz , Bertyn, Pineo & Cocoslove