Deodorized coconut oil. Healthy? Kokovita coconut oil is top quality deodorized coconut oil

There are two kinds of coconut oil, the unprocessed extra virgin coconut oil and the deodorized coconut oil. The latter often being the topic of the wildest rumors. Is deodorized coconut oil, like the Kokovita coconut oil, healthy or isn’t it?

The Kokovita coconut oil is made of fresh coconuts and is of premium quality. People often think deodorized coconut oil is standard being made of coconuts that have been lying around for days, drying or even rotting in the sun. This is sometimes the case, even today. At Kokovita however, we  guarantee the quality and we make sure to always use fresh coconuts.

Kokovita coconut oil; how is it made? 

There are quite a few misunderstandings about the process by which coconut oil and certainly deodorized coconut oil would be made. This would involve the use of rotten or moldy coconut meat, called copra.

Kokovita coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts. These are peeled and then the coconut pulp is pressed. This is done semi-industrially. The oil is pressed out of the coconut pulp with machines. After this, the coconut oil is freed from the coconut smell and taste. This is done by deodorizing the oil via steam/vacuum.

What does NOT happen with Kokovita coconut oil is that the coconut oil is bleached and refined. The only process that Kokovita coconut oil undergoes is that it is rendered odorless. Why this difference is so important? With Kokovita, the important nutrients, lauric acid and caprylic acid, of coconut oil are preserved.

Buying Kokovita coconut oil is a healthy and conscious choice

The entire process from harvesting to packing is established at Kokovita coconut oil and meets strict conditions. Quality is the most important thing and our partners think the same way. There are of course regular checks and tests, more often than is required. Also by complying with the 100% BIO standard, in practice it is not even possible not to deliver top quality. Of course, we do find it difficult that deodorized coconut oil is put down that way.

Many other manufacturers (often in non-organic coconut oil production) also bleach and refine the coconut oil after deodorization. . Kokovita coconut oil is only deodorized. No more than that. This preserves important, healthy nutrients. With Kokovita, on the contrary, you get top quality deodorized coconut oil.

Kokovita, odour-free cocos oil

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Kokovita is a brand of Noble House.
Other brands of Noble House are: AmanpranaBambu® Salz , Bertyn, Pineo & Cocoslove